My Trip to Japan: Film Development

In March, I was travelling through Japan for 4 weeks. It was a great time with a lot of experiences.
I started in Tokyo for 10 days cause I thought I have to acclimatize. And yes you have to if you arrive in this city… And as you may know Tokyo is THE city to look for used camera gear. I’ve bought the Mamiya 7 and it was a perfect decision! So my Hasselblad stayed in the luggage for a few weeks.
After 10 days I decided to go for a one-week trip to Seoul, South Korea.
Then back to Tokyo to start my one-week trip with the Shinkansen-train to Hiroshima, Okayama and Kyoto. This was brilliant and I would repeat every single day! After that I stayed for a few days again in Tokyo cause there are many places left I want to visit…
Now back in Germany with a broken shutter from my Leica M7, the new Mamiya 7 and 13x 35mm (‪#‎adoxsilvermax100‬, ‪#‎rolleirpx400‬) and 29x Mediumformat 120 (‪#‎kodaktrix400‬, ‪#‎velvia100‬, ‪#‎provia100f‬, ‪#‎adoxcms100‬, ‪#‎pro400h‬, ‪#‎ilfordhp5plus‬, ‪#‎ilfordhp5‬). I am really looking forward to the results and I am so excited about…